The ImmoApp is nominated as 1 of 3 finalists for the SVIT Award 2023.

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Together we shape the future!

"People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
- Steve Jobs
Team Concept Brainstorming

A strong team

Eric Birgel
Eric Birgel

Head of Design & Customer Service

Jörg Siegel
Jörg Siegel

Head of Development & Customer Support

David Bochan

Development & Product Management

Santiago Degetau
Santiago Degetau


Tobias Schmücker


Stephan Winzer

Concept & Design

Veronika Polaskova

Marketing & Content Creation

Mercedes Senties


With Aandarta AG we have a strong sales partner. Together we understand your needs. Because real estate management is what we understand. And we do what is best for you. Efficient and digital processes. Forward-looking and sustainable.

Aandarta - Carmine De Masi
Carmine De Masi

CEO, Member of the Board

Stefan Späti

Request Fulfilment Analyst

Our history

If we may briefly introduce ourselves, we are the Swiss ImmoDigi AG, a young, dynamic team that started to implement a platform including a tailor-made app for simple property management while still studying computer science at university.

More than just an idea

Matma Immobilien AG was looking for a talented team of developers to significantly simplify property management using digital processes. Through a recommendation they reached out to the technology enthusiasts and co-founders of ImmoDigi AG: Jörg Siegel and Eric Birgel. In the same year, the first version of the ImmoApp was developed together with a few study colleagues and IT friends.


Digital voting

The ImmoApp has passed the test. Over 1000 users are already enjoying the digital possibilities. But not only that! There is also an extension: the innovative functionality of digital voting.

Digitale Abstimmung
Neue Produkte, weitere Kunden

New products, more clients

The products ImmoFonds and ImmoMove are developed according to market requirements and complement the product portfolio. Interest in our products is growing and we can win new clients.


Foundation of an AG

As a startup, the right type of company is an essential part of success. Thanks to a promising perspective of our solutions, a seed investment enabled us to found our own stock company. This enabled us to further accelerate the growth of the company and drive development.

Gründung einer AG
Aandarta AG
Erweiterung des Vertriebs

Expansion of sales

A product is only as successful as its distribution. With Aandarta AG, we gained a sales partner who, thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, knows exactly your needs.

Our partners

Only through cooperation we can offer our clients the best possible product. Openness and trust are our keys to a long-term and successful partnership.